Frey’s Kocher Samson Building

Cynthia Belliveau has just completed the much heralded restoration of what has been called Palm Springs’ most important building, Albert Frey’s Kocher-Samson Building.

We are so excited to announce that it is now restored to its original 1934 glory! The architectural historian David Gebhard has called the Kocher-Samson Building “probably the most pure and at the same time workable example of the International Style in Southern California.”

This class 1 historic site was its very first International Style building and it is with this building that the legacy of Palm Springs International Modernism was born.

It attracts countless students and scholars who make regular pilgrimages to Palm Springs to visit the building that has been written about by more prominent American architectural scholars than possibly any other in early Palm Springs history. It is also a favorite stop on the Modernism Tour.

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